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How to write for websites?

Writing for a website is not the same as writing for print media. The audience is different, the rules are different. People (used to) pay for newspapers, magazines, and once they’ve bought it, you had their full attention. On the internet, you’ve to not only get their attention but keep it. If you’re planning to […]

Choosing an SEO Company in India

Have you been hounded by spam like requests from Indian SEO companies offering SEO for $300/month and quite a poor sales pitch? Are you, although unsure about the ROI, tempted by the low prices? A Monday email from this “SEO expert in India” prompted me to probe it further. A search for SEO services in […]

Guest Blogging has Decayed but it Need Not Die

Who would send Matt Cutts a spam-like request for publishing his guest blog, asking for do-follow links in exchange? You wouldn’t. But it turns out someone is crazy enough and his craziness has spilled all over the SEO world.   “There you have it: the decay of a once-authentic way to reach people,” Matt Cutts […]