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  • Why do I need a website?
    With more and more people turning to the internet, you might be missing out on some major business opportunities without an effective web presence. A website is the best way to do away with all the time and geographical constraints for your marketing needs. Having a website is the only way to give your business 24-hour exposure, day after day, week after week. Ask yourself now, do you need it?

  • What is the turnaround time?
    We know you don’t like to wait; we don’t want you to. Diginator experts will get working the minute you approve of the design and details, and it usually takes us 30 days (or less) to deliver a mid-size website. Yes, we’re quick!

  • Who will write my content?
    Our team has experienced writers and web content managers specializing in a various subjects. Our writing expertise spans a large number of subjects from healthcare to finance and each write-up passes atleast two editors. Keyword research and other SEO factors are a part of all our content writing services, and will not be charged for. Besides, at heart we are content people. We love writing, and provide SEO content even for very small budgets.

  • Should I provide the photos?
    Yes, that's needed. Your website is going to be your reflection on the internet and your pictures will be important to achieve that. We will work on the photos before publishing them; other required graphics will also be designed here.

  • Will I own the website you create?
    Absolutely. Once we receive the full payment, the website will be handed over to you with the complete details.

  • Is periodic update or management of website required?
    Although not obligatory, periodic updates are recommended. We’d like that you hire our service for monthly management and updates, but you can also choose to do it on your own. We’ll remain available for any management help you need—we’re nice like that.

  • Can I make any changes to my website later?
    Yes, you can definitely add content and images on your own at any stage, and we'd be happy to help with that. Minor design changes are done for FREE, but if you need too many changes, or major ones, it'll comprise a new project. We will send you the quote for that after determining your needs.

  • I already have a website but it does not rank. Can you help?
    Ofcourse. We’ll do an audit and implement better SEO and internet marketing strategies for your website to rank better and reach your target audience.

  • What is SEO?
    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

  • Where are your clients based?
    The internet has blurred geographical boundaries and no matter where our clients are located, we can cater to them, and optimize their websites for their local or international markets.

  • What will the total cost be?
    Unfortunately there is no definite answer to this question. The cost of your website really depends upon the design and coding required, the number of pages it will have, the amount of graphic work required, and how interactive you wish it to be. Let us know what you need and we'll send you a quote that includes the cost of website design and development, content for all your pages, image/video optimization, and basic SEO.

  • Are there any other costs involved?
    Booking a domain name and website hosting are two other expenses that the client has to pay for. Contact us with your preferred domain name (e.g. - and we’ll get back to you with more details regarding the price. Don’t worry this doesn’t cost much. You can also check the available domain names and hosting options on If you already own a domain and have web hosting, you won’t have to spend more.

  • All cool. How to get started?
    Fill out the form here and help us understand your requirements. Please provide a valid email and skype/phone number. We’ll get back to you with the best possible design and development idea and the price quote. We will then send you a design and a protosite (which is a preliminary drawing of your website), and answer any questions you have at that stage. 10% of the payment is taken in advance as the confirmation of your website order, and we’ll get working as soon as we have that sorted.

Still have a question? You are curious, huh? Shoot them all to us via the form below. We will try to get back with the answers within 24 hours. Eh.. one caveat though... please ensure you have read the above and your questions are not answered already here.