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PR isn’t anymore about just churning out regular press releases and keeping a few media relations. It is the age of digital PR, which is an amalgamation of the traditional PR strategies with content marketing and present-day SEO and SMO.

Online PR will allow you to bypass the mediators and directly reach out to your target audience via press releases, social media, forum discussions, reviews, blogs, etc.

But like a newspaper or magazine, there is no fixed circulation. In the digital world, it is imperative that we know what your potential clients are looking for, and even more importantly where they are looking. Include the keywords within the news and press releases, tap the potential of social media, and see how your customers find your offerings.

But not everyone will find you through search engines or social media channels.

Industry-related websites, blogs, and forums are other places where your clients may be looking, and our team of writers and Internet marketing experts will help you make your mark in those places via guest blogs, discussions, or comments in appropriate discussion mediums.



Video marketing can help your products and services gain wider exposure, especially via Youtube


Facebook has close to 3 Billion users. Imagine the eyeballs your business/products can get if you use it right


Instagram is the possibly the most popular visual medium on the internet, very popular among the younger generation


Twitter is the platform where you grow your audience with crisp-content, witty one-liners, and brand news


B2B marketing and organic business connections are best made on LinkedIn. It is not for aggresive advertising or sales pitches